There are those who undoubtedly will say Rwanda’s plans are commendable
and its goals are inspiring, but then will add dismissively, 'This is Africa.'
To the naysayers and disbelievers we would counter,


- Rwanda, Inc by Bridge2Rwanda Vice Chairman

Andrea Redmond and Patricia Crisafulli

Transformational Growth

In 1994, Rwanda was written off as a failed state on a forgotten continent. The country was devastated by a genocide and completely dependent on foreign aid.

Then the unexpected happened.

Disciplined Leadership

Rwandan leaders – powered by the hope and courage of its people – wrote a different story. One that chose enterprise as the solution to poverty and fused Rwanda's strengths with resources from around the world.

The result is breathtaking.


HAS BEEN NAMED the world’s fastest developing country by the U.N. Human Development Index

Determined to transform itself into the “Singapore” of Africa, Rwanda is focused on building a vibrant private sector and preparing a new generation of committed leaders with the education, skills, and experience to build globally competitive industries.


Safety and Security

Zero Tolerance
of Corruption

Dependable Infrastructure

Hospitality Oasis

Attractive to Foreign Investors

Growing Talent Pool