Interested in hosting a B2R Scholar?

Each year, we seek local host families to support our cohort of B2R Scholars as they begin their college journey abroad in the fall.​ For more information on becoming a host family, please contact Anna Phillips at


Home away from home

Host families provide a home away from home for Scholars during holiday and school breaks.

Support Network

Host families provide personal guidance and emotional, social, and spiritual encouragement for their Scholar.

Financial Support

In some cases, host families also provide and help raise financial support for their Scholars.

Becoming a host family for B2R has been one of the best decisions we have ever made for our family. This entire experience, and the chance to create deep, meaningful relationships with these amazing young people is one that we are eternally grateful for.
We have really enjoyed hosting a B2R Scholar in our home. While we are helping him adjust to our culture, he is teaching us about his. We love that our kids are growing up learning this first hand. He brings another level of joy and love to our home that we couldn't have found otherwise.
BEn and Sarah Jarvis
We have been blessed to host a young man from Rwanda and it has truly changed our lives! Through this organization, these students get opportunities that they would not otherwise, which leads to positive change in their lives, the lives of their families, as well as their country.