The BRIDGE helps B2R Scholars and other globally educated students launch their careers in Africa by identifying their vocational callings, arranging summer internships, finding jobs and networking with employers in Africa.


vocational callings through career counseling & personal assessments


with summer internships and full-time employment opportunities


strong relationships with employers across every industry sector

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Bridge2Rwanda encourages and enables Scholars to return to Africa during summer breaks to reconnect with their country and gain the practical experience necessary to launch their career in Africa when they graduate.


Full-Time Job Placements

We help globally-educated talent identify and connect with full-time employment opportunities in Africa.

Career Counseling

We help students and graduates identify their vocational callings and goals through career assessments.

Internship Placement

We help globally-educated students arrange internship opportunities in Rwanda to gain practical job experience.

Soft-Skills Training

We provide training on resume and cover letter writing, professional etiquette, and interview preparation.

Networking Events

We provide opportunities for young professionals to network with top employers across all industry sectors.

Industry Visits

We organize group industry visits for university students at different companies
throughout the year.


B2R has strong working relationships with an extensive network of Rwandan employers who value globally educated university graduates. These employers provide B2R Scholars and other globally educated students with summer internships and full-time jobs across several industry sectors.

Interested in hiring a
B2R Scholar?

The BRIDGE works with an extensive network of over 200 of Rwanda's top employers, helping B2R Scholars and other high capacity graduates find permanent job opportunities in Africa when they graduate and return home.