Over the last 10 years

Bridge2Rwanda has become an expert at bursting the bottlenecks that prevent Rwanda’s brightest students from competing and winning university scholarships.

To increase the number of students we help, Bridge2Rwanda created Isomo Academy — an intense English training and college preparatory program designed to equip Rwanda’s top high school students with the skills they need to compete and win university scholarships inside and outside Rwanda.


Rwanda’s most promising high school students


Students to get into the best universities possible


A fellowship of servant leaders for Rwanda

Isomo Academy is grounded in four areas of growth

Isomo Academy’s holistic approach is designed to transform the mindset, attitude and ideas of each student during the eight-week boot camp. Our prayer is that, when the Isomo Scholars return to their high schools and communities, the students themselves will fuel a new passion for learning and commitment to excellence in Rwandan education.


Students develop foundational English-language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking


Students broaden their worldviews through readings and reflections that sharpen critical thinking skills


Students cultivate personal growth, social skills and commitment to an entrepreneurial life of purpose


Students are empowered use their talent to serve others and their community, as modeled after Jesus

Isomo Academy is committed
to building a Fellowship of


Passionate Readers

Articulate Speakers

Confident Communicators

Strong Writers

Critical THinkers

Creative Problem-Solvers

Pioneer Class of Isomo Scholars

Students Applied
Interviews Conducted
Scholars Selected
High Schools Represented
Districts Represented
Sectors Represented

The first cohort of 120 Isomo Scholars were selected based on their impressive academic record, well-rounded passions and aspirations, and active engagement within their communities.


Our holistic admissions process can be divided into three categories: academic excellence, leadership potential, and community engagement. For admission to Isomo Academy, students’ academic records will be examined using S3/S4 transcripts as well as their O’level National Exam results. We also evaluate students’ leadership potential through extra curricular activities such as school clubs, teams, and student committees. Students will also be evaluated on their community engagement, such as service projects and volunteer experience. 

Isomo Academy’s curriculum is designed with the Rwandan high school in mind. The purpose of the program is to develop a foundational level of English skills in all four language domains: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will broaden their worldview and develop critical thinking skills. They will learn a more natural language expression and appropriate organization for both speaking and writing English. Bridge2Rwanda’s goal is to help the most promising high school students get into better universities – both inside and outside of Rwanda.

Isomo Academy is FREE of charge. We are determined to make the Academy accessible to all people regardless of their socio-economic status.

To be eligible to apply to Isomo Academy, applicants must be currently in Senior 4 (REB Curriculum) or the equivalent of the same in other curricula being followed, including WDA. This means that if you are in Senior 5 or Senior 6, you are not eligible to apply for isomo Academy.

After successfully completing two Isomo summer bootcamps, you will be given a certificate recognizing your accomplishment detailing the skills learned at Isomo Academy. As an Isomo graduate, you will be part of a fellowship and a network of support.

We are glad you asked! The application to Isomo Academy has been live since December 15, 2021. You will be able to find the link to the application form on our website and social media outlets. The 2022 application will close on April 17, 2022.

Yes. Students in WDA programs are eligible for Isomo Academy.

Yes! We encourage all students, regardless of their combination, to apply. Whether you are pursuing an Arts combination or a Sciences combination, you are eligible to apply.

Academic excellence is essential. Keep working hard in all subjects, and stay curious! We encourage you to take initiative at your school and in your community. What problems can you solve? Maybe it’s a tutoring program or a social relief fundraiser during these hard times of COVID-19. Maybe it’s starting a new club at your school, or joining a choir or a team. Keep these three values in mind – academic excellence, leadership potential, and community engagement!

In addition to the English, critical thinking, personal development, and leadership skills you will gain at Isomo, you will also learn about amazing university opportunities both in and outside Rwanda.

Bridge2Rwanda remains committed to providing access to a number of students from neighboring Burundi and DRC. International students whose school calendars don’t conflict with the Isomo timeline are welcome to apply. Bridge2Rwanda, however, will not be providing assistance with moving and visa processing.

YES! Students of refugee status are encouraged to apply and Bridge2Rwanda is committed to making this opportunity available for all students.