Our strategy is simple. We leverage our strength with the
strength of other organizations to dramatically increase our impact.

Earl Broady was a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles who died in 1992. When his wife Anna died in 2016, their trust established The Earl & Anna Broady Foundation, which provides financial assistance to minority students with demonstrated financial need who are pursuing a college degree. 

We would like to thank the foundation for their incredible support of Bridge2Rwanda by covering the essential needs of many B2R Scholars studying at universities in the U.S. We appreciate and value their support because it allows our Scholars to focus on their education and reach their highest potential. 

Since 2014, Empower Kids South Sudan has annually sponsored 4-5 students from South Sudan to join the B2R Scholars Program.  By creating opportunities for these young leaders to gain a global education, Empower Kids envisions a Fellowship of international college graduates returning to South Sudan to assume leadership roles that will benefit the millions of South Sudanese who are seeking a brighter future.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Francine LeFrak and Rick Friedberg for their continued partnership to sponsor the education of a select group of Bridge2Rwanda Scholars studying at universities in the US. The LeFrak-Friedberg Scholars Programs selects B2R Scholars to participate in the program based on their leadership skills and commitment to excellence. This partnership helps to support the essential needs not covered by students’ university scholarships and helps the scholars thrive as they pursue their education abroad.

In addition, the Francine A. LeFrak Foundation provides special mentorship opportunities and hosts an annual conference for the LeFrak-Friedberg Scholars. Click here to learn more about Francine and her work in Rwanda through Same Sky.

Bridge2Rwanda is honored to be a part of The HALI Access Network,  an association of non-profit organizations in Africa that work with high-achieving, low-income (HALI) students to access international higher education opportunities. The association strives to level the playing field in international education to increase inclusion, access and scholarship support for remarkable students who only lack finances to make their educational dreams come true. We believe in the power of education to change communities and in the impact our students have on college and university campuses.

Kaplan, Inc. is a for-profit corporation that provides educational services to colleges and universities and corporations and businesses, including higher education programs, professional training and certifications, test preparation and student support services. In 2013, B2R became one of the first Certified Kaplan Education Providers in Africa. We are grateful for their partnership and the resources they have provided B2R Scholars over the years.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the Rainwater Charitable Foundation for their generous support and contribution to the success of the B2R Scholars Program. RCF’s grants continue to support B2R’s core programs, including the gap-year Leadership Academy, The BRIDGE Career Services, and B2R Farms. 

Since 2014, Simply Distribute Foundation has helped cover the cost of the B2R Scholars’ dormitory in Kigali and equipped  B2R Scholars with the  resources they need to excel at the Leadership Academy and win  international scholarships to study abroad.  

B2R is grateful for the generous support of the University of Rwanda, who continues to provide training facilities, office space and agricultural plots for the B2R Scholars Program and B2R Farms Internship Program. 

IXL Learning is a personalized learning platform that helps Bridge2Rwanda and Isomo Scholars develop academic writing and reading skills at a pace that suits their individual needs. This standards-based approach to language instruction helps teachers at Bridge2Rwanda track and monitor scholars’ growth and provide skill-specific instruction as needed. Not only does IXL help students master nuanced language and grammar skills, but it also makes learning fun and engaging!

We are so excited to partner with Maranyundo Girls School, which hosts students during the Isomo Academy summer bootcamp. Maranyundo is one of the top boarding schools in Rwanda and includes beautiful classrooms with smart technology and a large computer lab, as well as spacious dormitories where students stay during the 8-week residential program. 

We would like to thank Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a pan-African technology group with capabilities across 14 countries, and its parent company, Econet, for generously providing high-speed internet and tech support for Isomo Academy. 

The Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy (Gray Philanthropy) believes that achieving prosperity and equal opportunity in Africa requires high potential individuals to become high impact responsible entrepreneurs. Gray Philanthropy is establishing the Jasiri Entrepreneurship Programme in Rwanda to serve as a launching pad for Africa.

The BRIDGE is partnering with AGGP to launch the programmes in Kigali and to help recruit high capacity university graduates to join this programme and international entrepreneurs and investors to serve as mentors.

The Rob & Melani Walton Foundation is a generous supporter and contributor to the success of The BRIDGE Career Services and its mission to connect high capacity, globally educated students and university graduates with the best employers in Rwanda. 

The Rwanda Development Board was set up by bringing together all the government agencies responsible for the entire investor experience under one roof. This includes key agencies responsible for business registration, investment promotion, environmental clearances, privatization and specialist agencies which support the priority sectors of ICT and tourism as well as SMEs and human capacity development in the private sector.

The BRIDGE is partnering with the RDB to collaborate on a broad variety of activities to encourage Rwandans who graduate from universities abroad to return to Rwanda and connect them to jobs.

Rwanda Girls Initiative (RGI) was founded to establish an upper-secondary boarding school, Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST). The school offers a rigorous academic program that prepares students to successfully compete for international scholarships. The BRIDGE is partnering with RGI to provide career counseling and internship/job placement to graduates of Gashora Girls Academy.

Since 2015, nearly 200 students from Rwanda have been selected to participate in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP). Students selected to participate in the CASNR Undergraduate Scholarship Program (CUSP) pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrated Science that is focused on conservation agriculture, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The BRIDGE is partnering with UNL to help CUSP Scholars identify summer internships and full time jobs and career opportunities after they graduate from university. 

B2R Farms partners with the University of Rwanda College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine to offer an internship program that helps university graduates gain practical experience and launch their careers as agriculture trainers, farm managers and entrepreneurs. 

Foundations for Farming (FFF) is a simple, low cost conservation farming method specifically designed to help low income, small-holder farmers make a profit and improve their lives. The method was developed in Zimbabwe over 30 years ago by Brian Oldrieve, a successful faith-driven Zimbabwean farmer. After their lands were seized by the Zimbabwe government, Brian partnered with Craig Deall, another faith-driven farmer, to focus FFF on meeting the needs of subsistence farmers. 

B2R is committed to introducing FFF practices and principles to small holder farmers in Rwanda and to mobilizing a new generation of educated young people to become agriculture entrepreneurs and trainers of FFF.

Crown Financial Ministries mission is to teach and lead others to freedom in Christ through redemptive stewardship. This happens through unique experiences and events, collaborative partnerships and relevant, supportive content. 

B2R Farms is partnering with Crown Financial to develop financial literacy curriculum to incorporate into Rwanda-focused training manuals and videos for teaching FFF practices and principles.