B2R Farms is committed to introducing the practices and principles of Foundations for Farming (FFF) to smallholder farmers in Rwanda and mobilizing a new generation of educated young people to become agriculture entrepreneurs and FFF trainers.


Helping Small Holder Farmers

B2R creates demonstration farms and is partnering with the Rwandan government, universities, NGOs, private companies, and churches to introduce FfF to smallholder farmers.

Encouraging Careers in Agriculture

As a promoter of young talent, B2R provides training and opportunities for university graduates and high-capacity young leaders to champion and implement FfF and launch their careers in agriculture.

“Our goal is to build a movement that empowers smallholder farmers to make a profit and equips the next generation of agriculture entrepreneurs to build job-creating, export-driven businesses.

To accomplish this, B2R Farms is partnering with the University of Rwanda – College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine to launch an internship program for UR graduates and high-capacity young leaders to champion and implement FFF and launch their careers in agriculture. B2R is also creating a FFF demonstration farm on the college’s Busogo campus. 




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of the country’s Gross
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of Rwandans (over 1.7 million households) are engaged in small-holder farming for the purpose of feeding their families.

What is Foundations For Farming?

FFF is a simple, low-cost conservation farming method designed to help low income, small-holder farmers make a profit and improve their lives. The method was developed over the last 30 years by Brian Oldrieve and Craig Deall and faith-driven Zimbabwean farmers, for commercial applications and smallholder farmers. They have grown the program as a means of sharing their faith and reducing hunger, poverty and dependency in Africa.