entrepreneurship is a
divine calling

In responsible hands, business can be the world’s most
powerful instrument of transformation

- Dale Dawson, Founder & CEO


The ultimate economic engine for job creation and inclusive growth are entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises fueled by private investors – both domestic and foreign.

Through The BRIDGE,
B2R connects graduates with entrepreneurship development programs and opportunities to
use business and social ventures to improve the lives of others.

Jasiri Entrepreneurship Programme by Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy Africa, which acts as a launching pad for high-potential individuals to become high-impact, responsible entrepreneurs in Africa.

We work closely with the Rwanda Development Board, Rwanda’s one-stop-shop for economic development, to encourage globally educated Rwandans to return to Africa and connect them with meaningful job opportunities.

We are committed to facilitating opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs and investors to build commercial and social enterprises in Rwanda, and use their skills and experiences to mentor young African entrepreneurs at the start of their career.

Equipping the
Next Generation
of Ag Entrepreneurs

Through B2R Farms, we are training university graduates on Foundations for Farming principles and techniques and equipping the next generation of agriculture entrepreneurs to build job-creating, export-driven businesses.