The importance of service is emphasized throughout the B2R Scholars Program, and several Bridge2Rwanda Scholars chose to use their Spring Breaks helping others through various service opportunities.

Nancy Ndekwe, who studies at Abilene Christian University, took a trip to Saltillo, Mexico.

“It was amazing to share the love of God with the kids and families in Saltillo, Mexico. Getting to visit them in the barrios (slum) was a hard and an eye opening experience for me. Most people think that because one is from Africa, you have seen it all. I don’t think seeing people living an impoverished life is something you get used to.

What amazed me the most is that throughout their situation, they love their families and friends/community dearly and have so much happiness that it seems like they have it all. For me, it was a reminder that whatever our circumstances might be, either good or bad, always be thankful and willing to give a helping hand.”

Josee Uwayezu who studies at Dartmouth, traveled to Logan, Ohio and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity.

“…The house we worked on will belong to a mother with three children. The house is mostly sponsored by different churches in the area and the community in general.

This trip reminded me that a service to others is a great way of learning about life and to be very grateful for the life I have. Most importantly it reminded me that I wouldn’t be where I am, or where I am heading, if I have not been given a hand.

One of my favorite moments was to see the community have dinner together and I learned that the dinner is not only to support people with a meal but to also give them a way to socialize.”

Janvier Rustobe, who studies at Texas Christian University, went on a trip to Honduras.

“I went for a mission trip in Honduras during spring break of this year. We went as a group of 6 from McKinney Church and we were working with Living Water International to drill a water well in Saba, Colon (a village in the North-West country side of Honduras). The drilling site was in the middle of an elementary school, and while the guys were drilling, ladies were in charge of teaching the kids about hygiene and how to use the well properly to keep the water clean.”