Isomo Academy’s Pioneer Bootcamp is Complete!
The 8-week residential program concluded at the end of September and the results were truly transformational

The pioneer class of 120 Scholars embraced the challenges and exceeded expectations. They made significant strides in academic growth, personal development, and empowering one another. We are proud of the achievements made by each Scholar and look forward to working with them as they return to their high schools this year.

Academic Growth

During Isomo Academy, Scholars had daily classes in Writing, Language Labs, Guided Reading, and Discussion Seminars. They were also introduced to new online learning tools, like IXL and CommonLit, which allowed them to immerse themselves in the writing process and sharpen their language and grammar skills.

Through IXL, students worked at their own pace to master different language skills, such as vocabulary, sentence structure, and word tenses. Through CommonLit, they were exposed to a variety of readings focused on improving literacy, broadening their worldviews, and developing critical thinking skills. These innovative platforms significantly improved students’ English skills and allowed our teachers to work effectively with many more students.

Servant Leadership

Scholars learned that servant leadership, as modeled by Jesus, requires a commitment to love and improve the lives of others. This was cultivated through daily devotions and Family Groups, which allowed students to build deep relationships with peers from different backgrounds and walks of life. These close-knit relationships challenged Scholars to build their circle of friends and use their unique strengths to serve others.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Each week, Scholars were encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by looking at the needs and challenges of their communities and developing creative solutions. Students learned that entrepreneurship requires hard work, discipline, and a commitment to excellence, getting results, and making a difference.

At the end of the program, Scholars participated in a capstone project where they identified community needs, researched potential solutions, and presented their ideas to their peers. The winning group discussed the importance of good governance in Africa and designed an application idea called “THEIRVOICE” which allows citizens to communicate their needs, participate in policy making, vote, and evaluate their local leaders.

Supporters & Partners

We are grateful for everyone who believed in, supported, and championed the vision to launch Isomo Academy this year. We would like to extend a special thank you to the Minister of State, Gaspard Twagirayezu, responsible for Primary & Secondary Education at Rwanda’s Ministry of Education. Thank you for partnering with us.

The Road Ahead

With the first phase of Isomo’s pilot program complete, the Isomo team will now focus on developing remote academic content and extra-curricular activities for students, building a network of Rwanda’s top educators and expanding college counseling opportunities for students in 2022.

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