After graduating from Pitzer College,  B2R Fellow, Justin Mugabe, returned home to the Democratic Republic of Congo to launch SillonBlue Technologies, a tech startup that develops customized software for private and public companies, NGOs, and government agencies. 

In addition to providing software development and tech products, Justin and his team have developed their own product called Sillon Document Management System. SillonDMS was designed after careful market analysis to understand the needs of the target market, primarily in digital archiving. One of the greatest features of SillonDMS is its synchronization with HP scanners, which allows users to scan 100 pages per minute. 

“As an entrepreneur, what I love about my job is that there is no specific blueprint. Every challenge is unique, and every product, service, and consumer is unique. My team and I have to learn as we go, and we keep accumulating edxperience.”

– Justin Mugabe. Co-Founder & CEO of SillonBlue Technologies