We are excited to announce that B2R Farms has officially become a certified exporter in Rwanda! In the span of only two weeks, the B2R Farms’ team completed two shipments of green chillis to London, collectively weighing 3,500 kilograms. Through the use of Foundations for Farming principles, Nova Farm has become a producer of the highest quality bird’s eye chili in the country, with less than 13 kg rejected in a harvest of 1,000 kg — a rejection rate of less than 1% We look forward to growing B2R Farms into a leading horticulture export company in Rwanda and opening doors for young agriculture graduates to gain practical experience working in every stage of the export process. 

 “There were many unforgettable moments during our first two shipments — spending the night in a crowded packhouse, folding boxes, sorting the chili, and packing it in “Produce of Rwanda” boxes. It was the first time we really felt B2R’s contribution to Rwanda’s growing “Made in Rwanda” brand. To see the diversity of skills and experience of our team come together in the most stressful times was truly incredible.”

– Rosine Ndayishimiye, Director of Training – Agriculture