Host families welcomed Scholars into their homes while their universities were closed during the holidays. Scholars’ relationships with their host families are integral to their success.

In addition to deepening these relationships, many Scholars are exposed to new experiences on school breaks, from the ballet to horseback riding and more! Here, several host families share the highlights from their winter breaks with the Scholars

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“Sometimes education is more than books, projects and research papers. The only Rwandan that couldn’t stay on a horse had to drive to Oklahoma in a Chevy.”
—Chip Martin, Abilene, Texas (from left to right: Mike, Abilene Christian University; Serges, Harvard; Olive, Abilene Christian University)

“Love having this confident young woman in our lives. Enjoying her first day of Winter Break at Santa Barbara Harbor!” —Jacque Book, Santa Barbara, California (Odile, Westmont College)

“Just about to open stockings….what a blast we had! Claude, Manzi, Emmanuel, Cleo and our sons Ben and Jacob” —Cynthia Clarke-Almudevar

“The pure joy we receive by having Festo in our lives is beyond measure!!! Thank you B2R for what you do and for bringing these fine humans to us!”
—Michelle Cook, Santa Barbara, California (Festo, Westmont College)

“-2 degrees and snow is a good time to trim the Christmas Tree with Norette and her sister Doriane” —Kevin Cox, Burlington, Vermont (Norette, Dartmouth College)

“Midnight snow shoeing in the woods after a snow fall today. Norette and her sister Doriane” —Kevin Cox

“Dartmouth Men’s Hockey tonight.” —Kevin Cox

“Day trip to NYC with Charlotte to take in some of the Christmas sights!” —Patty Driever, Poughkeepsie, New York (Charlotte, Marist College)

“Skiing today (Winter Park, CO) with my daughters and Francis. Yesterday was Francis’ first day skiing – he did great and had so much fun!” —Tiffany Gengel (Francis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

“Francis joined us for the first time this year at the Colorado Ballet – The Nutcracker, our family tradition.” —Tiffany Gengel

“We’re having a great Christmas break with Nicole. Here she is caroling on Christmas Eve with my daughter and my nieces. Deb told us to warm her up (she’s been freezing in Ithaca) and we’ve done our best. Despite our current 30 degree temps, in the second photo on Christmas Day, we had sunny skies and record highs in the upper 70s!” —Patricia Moody, Auburn, Alabama (Nicole, Cornell University)

“Nicole and I traveled an hour South to Montgomery for a sunny day field trip to two historic sites. Both were wonderful. The amazing guide at the Dexter Avenue church was so impressed that she had a visitor from Burundi! Miss Wanda gave Nicole a special welcome calling her to the front of the church, introducing her to tour groups there, bragging on her scholarship and emphasizing the importance of an education. She also gave us a private tour of Dr. King’s office, prayed over us and got Nicole to stand at Dr. King’s podium and ask ‘How long is too long?'”
—Patricia Moody