“In 1994, there was no hope, only darkness. Today, light radiates from this place.” This April marks the 25th Commemoration of the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi, when 1 million Rwandans were killed in the span of 100 days. President Paul Kagame opened Kwibuka, a time of remembrance, with a moving speech illustrating the devastating realities of 1994 and Rwanda’s remarkable decision – powered by the hope and courage of its people – to write a different story.Watch President Kagame’s speech below or read the complete script (as delivered) here. 

“In 1994, there was no hope, only darkness. Today, light radiates from this place… Rwanda’s young people have everything needed to transform our country. They have the responsibility to take charge more and more, and participate fully in securing the Rwanda we want and deserve.”

-His Excellency, President Paul Kagame