Helping Hand Foundation 
Scholars committed to changing lives in their communities by financially supporting teen mothers in different parts of the country through job creation;  improving literacy by creating opportunities for education;  encouraging project-driven saving by establishing savings accounts for beneficiaries; and improving entrepreneurial literacy through conducting a series of seminars on the processes of business creation and best practices.



Scholars based in Kigali carried out their project in Nyamirambo at the Gisimba After School Program. They bonded with the children through an art class and played icebreaker games, with the purpose of sharing the joy of the festive season with the children. In addition to sharing food, drinks, and music, they provided hygiene materials such as toiletries and distributed articles of clothing to those in attendance.


In Rwamagana, Scholars worked with the Executive Secretary of the Rubona sector, bringing together 60 teen mothers aged 16-21. While there, they held a seminar with the teen mothers about improving their livelihoods and provided them with hygienic items and nutritious meals, including flour for porridge, and clothes for their children. Working with the local government officials eased the process and helped the Scholars reach out to more people.


Scholars in Huye District in the Southern Province did two projects in two different sectors – Ngoma and Tumba. In Ngoma sector, Scholars visited patients at Kabutare Hospital and provided them with hygienic materials such as toiletries and sanitary pads. In Tumba sector, Scholars gathered children living on the street and celebrated the start of the year with them. Scholars gave out books to help all children in attendance acquire basic knowledge in reading and writing. The main objective was to instill hope among the children that they still have the opportunity to learn and go back to school.

Let Them Talk Club
Isomo Scholar, Anne Marie Monique Dusangeyezu, founded the Let Them Talk club, which aims at helping girls find their voice in the community. With the help of club members and life coaches, she collected funds that helped support children and women living in marginalized communities