Become a host family for a Rwandan student…
How to become a Bridge2Rwanda Scholar host family:
  • “Adopt” a Rwandan student to be a part of your family
  • If needed, gather several other families to share the responsibility of taking care of your student
  • Make sure your student has a place to go for holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)
  • Invite your student over to your house occasionally for dinner, fun activities, or to stay for a weekend
  • Love, support, and encourage for your student during their 4 years at college!
If you are interested in becoming a Bridge2Rwanda Scholar host family, we will match you with a student and guide you as the student makes the transition to their college in the US. By supporting a student, you will significantly impact their lives and will build a relationship that will outlast their years in America. We believe this is one of the most significant ways to invest in the future leaders of Africa!
If your family is interested in participating in this program, please contact Anna Reed, Managing Director of the B2R Scholars: