Boston 9.22.2012 – In Kinyarwanda, “agaciro” means to have a sense of dignity, self-worth and self-determination, and to extend that right to others. It is the opposite of “victimhood”. Agaciro was the theme of Rwanda Day 2012, which took place in Boston last weekend. It describes perfectly the mindset of the gathering which included over 1100 Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda, President Paul Kagame, his leadership team and the Presidential Advisory Council.

Despite the political sound and fury that often challenges them, the Rwandans remain resilient, committed to doing what’s right and determined to stay focused on building their nation. B2R is doing its part – building businesses with a mission to transform lives and creating opportunities for Rwanda’s best students to get a global education.

Below, B2R CEO Dale Dawson greets President Paul Kagame at the Presidential Advisory Council meeting held in Boston during Rwanda Day 2012.