Liz Staples, Counselor

Liz Staples is the Counselor at Bridge2Rwanda, where she helps students grow in their self-awareness and learn how to be holistic, emotionally healthy individuals through the counseling process. She builds relationships with the Scholars through individual and group meetings. This space allows Scholars to find freedom in sharing their stories in addition to their discussions about social and cultural issues with Liz in the classroom. Liz’s facilitating role is crucial for the Scholars’ successful transition to Western universities.

Liz earned her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and her masters’ in clinical mental health counseling from Denver Seminary. During her masters’ studies, Liz counseled adolescents and young adults at a Denver area school. Her passion in counseling is geared towards helping young adults develop and understand their own unique identities and the role identity plays in transforming every area of life.