Identify the most talented and promising

Identify the best students

The Bridge2Rwanda Scholars Program works with top high schools and Ministries of Education to identify each country’s top performing high school graduates. Applicants are required to provide high school records, an English-proficiency test score and a written essay. Selected students are then invited for personal interviews. Click here to see the selection criterion.

  • Class of 2011 (inaugural class): 18 students selected from 70 applicants.

  • Class of 2012: 20 students selected from 350 applicants.

  • Class of 2013: 30 students selected from 1200 applicants.

  • Class of 2014: 34 students selected from 1700 applicants, including eight students from South Sudan, Burundi and DRC.

  • Class of 2015: 43 students selected from 2000 applicants, including thirteen students from Burundi, DRC, Liberia and South Sudan.

  • Excellent academic records and a proven work ethic

  • Exceptional leadership skills and a desire to serve

  • Ability to articulate a clear vision for their future and the future of their country

  • Outstanding recommendations from their high school

  • Adequate English skills—minimum of 500 on pre-TOEFL test

  • Involvement in extracurricular activities