B2R Scholars Program Overview

The Scholars Program has progressed rapidly since its start in 2011. The program has developed into three distinct phases:

Year One: Gap-Year of Preparation

For the first 12 months of the program, the scholars are required to live together in the B2R dormitory, a private residence near the B2R Training and Career Center on the campus of the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics in Kigali. To bind them into a cohesive and supportive fellowship, the students are challenged to not to just earn a scholarship for themselves, but rather to work together to earn forty scholarships for the whole group.   

The gap-year faculty includes English teachers, Kaplan test prep instructors, college counselors, a mental health counselor, career development advisors, and a housemother. The curriculum includes:

Since 2012, the B2R Scholars Program has helped 165 scholars earn more than $40 million in international scholarships to 70 universities and colleges in eight countries. Generally, the scholarships must provide all tuition, fees and room & board for four years – at least 90 percent of the cost of a four-year undergraduate degree for an international student.  

Years Two to Five: Study Abroad

B2R challenges its scholars to accomplish two significant goals during the four years they are studying abroad. First, to earn an undergraduate degree in four years with a respectable GPA of 3.0 or more. Second, to build a network of international friends for whom the scholar can serve as a “bridge to Rwanda” or their home country for a lifetime.  

Being an international student in a foreign country can be challenging and stressful. To ensure B2R’s scholars succeed academically, emotionally, and socially, B2R provides a network of support for each scholar, including:

Career Development: Counseling, Summer Internships, and Permanent Jobs  

B2R has established a Career Development team in Kigali, staffed with B2R Scholar university graduates, with responsibility for servant leadership training, career counseling, and arranging summer internships and permanent jobs in Rwanda or elsewhere in Africa. The goal of these activities is to effectively guarantee that every B2R Scholar will return home after they graduate and can secure a good job in Africa.