Muraho! (Hello!)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Bridge2Rwanda host family! Our host families develop relationships with our Scholars as they study abroad for four years. If you choose to become a host family, you will have the opportunity to invest in future leader of Africa. Your investment will have a long-term and sustainable impact on your student and the continent of Africa.

Bridge2Rwanda host families offer personal guidance and emotional, social, and spiritual encouragement to Scholars. They provide meals, safe places to have conversations, and places to have fun and be a family. They provide a home away from home for our Scholars.

As one of only 40 students in this year’s B2R class, each Scholar leaves home in Africa to pursue a world-class education—and will eventually return home to become salt and light in his or her country. Every year, B2R receives 1500 applications from top performers, and only a few are selected to complete our program. Our students are nothing less than remarkable.

We provide host families with every resource they need to support and love their Scholar well. While these pages are a start, you can contact your B2R Student Support Coordinator any time with questions about your role or specific situation. The B2R team is here to help with anything you need—please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again for considering this gracious and selfless commitment to our Scholars and to the continent of Africa.


The Bridge2Rwanda Team