Connect them with a lifelong network of friends

Fellowship of Friends

During their gap-year experience, the B2R Scholars develop deep friendships with one another and the B2R family of staff, board members, supporters and older B2R Scholars. B2R’s mission is for this expanding fellowship of friends to serve as a source of strength, encouragement and love for the rest of their lives.

Become The Bridge

Each B2R Scholar is encouraged to become a “bridge” while they are abroad by being an advocate for their home country and by gathering a lifelong network of friends in the U.S or wherever they are. The B2R Scholars Program continues to support them with the following:

  • Host families to provide personal guidance; emotional, social and spiritual encouragement; and a home away from home when school is not in session

  • Academic and personal counseling to ensure Scholars perform at their best and graduate on time.

  • Career coaching to identify job opportunities in Africa and to direct Scholars’ strengths and passions to careers that serve Africa’s marketplace.

  • Internships in Africa that offer practical experience leading to jobs and opportunities.