Bridge2Rwanda Career Center

Classes are held every weekday at the Bridge2Rwanda Career Center, located at the Telecom House Building in Kigali. The facilities include classrooms, high-speed Internet access, computer labs and an extensive reading library. Lunch is provided. The B2R team includes English, math, leadership and entrepreneurship teachers, Kaplan test prep instructors, personal counselors, college counselors, career development advisors and a job placement team. The program also employs some part-time faculty and recruits volunteers to serve as instructors, tutors and mentors.

B2R is a Kaplan Certified Education Provider – one of the first in Africa. Kaplan is the world leader in university test preparation.

During the gap-year, B2R provides housing for most the B2R Scholars. The international dormitories are located in a small apartment complex within walking distance for the Career Center and are supervised by a Rwandan House Mother. During the annual Summer Internship Program, B2R provides housing for many of the Scholars who return home. The B2R intern house is also located within walking distance of the Career Center.